THE Brand Package

You are ready for the big leagues now. Your business is taking off and you have the time and budget to create something spectacular. With the CEO package I offer you exclusive rights to my time. Working one client at a time allows me to focus 100% on your brand. Everything is custom made and ready to go on any platform you choose. This means you will have an easy time with trademarking and you won't see a version of your logo somewhere else!!! 

What you get...This is just an outline, every job is different so we will add or subtract things based on your needs. 


Black, White, Color, Two alternative Logo styles, ex: square, circle, rectangle shapes


Surveys and mood boards provided through the process, three rounds of name changes


>> Business cards and letterhead
>> Flyer/leave-behind brochure
>> Announcement poster 3 different sizes
>> Custom thank you/announcement cards
>> Logo stickers, and logo stamp


FaceBook, Instagram, etc. images


I create it with Square Space or we hire out (extra added cost associated with this) 
Square Space has a Blog set up, E. Newsletter, Blog, with MailChimp. I provide 2 sessions with a professional to teach you how to set this up if you need it. 


I will take original photography if needed. I will work with existing photography and clients you choose giving credit to their work.
If new work needs to be created involving models and professionals you will pay for that cost separate, I will art direct.


I can provide you with help on how to get your mark and business name trademarked


One special item unique to your business that isn't mentioned here.


Full Branding and Identity packages start at 10k 


// THE Brand Package

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