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So, where to begin??

You've already made your own logo, OR you tried Etsy with similar results, and are now considering a $5 logo somewhere but are aprehenisve because your business is at a crucial point and if you get this wrong, all your hard work could be for NOT!!!

So what to do? Go into major debt ??? NO way, your SMARTER than that. So what's the solution? 

BRANDING You // a 6 week course I created just for YOU >>

Hi // Howdy // HELLO...My name is STEPHANIE PENLAND, and just like you, I run my own business. I specialize in branding and identity. And it is because of you, your passion, your strength, and your entrepreneur spirit that I've created a hybrid course that teaches you all you need to know about branding while offering my expertise and design, without breaking your bank!! Oh and you are not alone, this is a group effort; think Mastermind meets MFA design class. 

Here is what you get >

#1 Custom Logo Two alternative Logo styles, ex: square, circle, rectangle shapes
#2 Custom Colors
#3 Custom Kit of Parts
anything from illustrations, photography, drawings, sketches, all the elements you will implement into documents, social media, packaging etc. 
#4 Business Card
#5 Help with your website design

#6 Expert help and Tips of the Trade

Before we begin I will need a 60-minute strategy session with you where I get to know you + your business better, and learn your vision for your brand. 

This is the process >>

  • The Creative Platform A compressive questionnaire that gets to the heart of your business. I use this to derive your values from your perspective, the customers, perceptions, and much more. This is the basis of all design and is a gold mine for insights into your business. 
  • We will meet once a week in person
  • You will receive the weeks instructions and homework one week prior to class starting on Monday. That homework will need to be completed by the first class so that we can jump right in and get started. You will get your second weeks homework on the first day to be finished by Week Two. 
  • You will get support from me and your group
  • Support from me looks like
    • Custom Mood board with color, images, and textures
    • Three unique sketches of logo directions NOT cookie cutter designs 
    • Color along with colors, textures, and images for different social media platforms
    • How to Guides how to implement your identity into different programs and platforms while keeping true to your brand
  • Support from your group looks like
    • Feedback on conversations
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  • A Brand Identity not just a logo, or colors, or slogan, but it is the idea that everything it owns, produces, says, and does reflects the core values of the business as a whole. One major role in the 'brand' of a company is its identity. Yes the identity is based around visual devices such as the color pallet, fonts, images, and the use of them. 
  • keeping these guidelines or "Kit of Parts" coherent allows your brand as a whole to the recognizable. 
  • Brand –The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
    Identity – The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.
    Logo – Identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

   Here is what you Don't get

  • Trendy out of date next year graphics bought online
  • Copied seeing someone else or ten someone else's with your logo and brand (they will want to copy you but can't because your trademarked
  • Cliche everything is original to your brands
  • Bad TYPOGRAPHY Every see a poster or a letter or an image and think "why is this so hard to read?" It's all about how the words are placed on a page. 
  • Design in WORD PROCESS programs Ok wait, you will use word but not to create design, or logos, or anything other then what it was intended for!!!

Course Duration 6 weeks

The regular cost of this program is $3,000
Your discount cost for signing up in January 2018 is $1,200 that is a 40% discount for my Boss Ladies and anyone else who wants to get in on Course 1.0 of BRANDING YOU.

Deposit of $300 is required to secure your spot in 2018. Full payment is due one week before the course begins.    

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D E S I G N  philosophy //

Penland Design specializes in visual communication through story telling; using problem-solving solutions with typography, space, image, and color to produce business identities, logos, branding, and advertising, products and services.

The Value of Penland Design begins with my MFA in graphic design and typography. Adding on photography and owning my own business gives me the advantage of going beyond common sense.